Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Repacted Outreach

The Repacted young performers were hyped for the Outreach – a massively difficult job where they go out into communities and tackle difficult subjects, such as “abstinence” and “condom usage”, the subject for today’s session.
The target group is not however the ignorant group of yesteryear, instead a group increasingly aware of the disease-preventive benefits of condoms. The focus is thus on cultural issuesor specific situations or “dilemmas”, where discussion is required. The example given was of a truck driver who was sleeping around and concerned that he might have HIV/AIDS and thus refused to sleep with his wife. His wife then slept around herself, putting herself at risk. The idea was simply to prompt open discussion. Afterwards, Repacted’s condom demo drew bees to a honeypot, so this was clearly an important part of their work.
Interestingly, Repacted’s brief did not include the main issue these young men faced – unemployment. Training in entrepreneurship, or some means of business training or incubation, even if it were signposting would have been beneficial.
The team were very serious about what they did and on returning to the theatre had a detailed “self critique” session. All credit to them…

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